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SAHS One Room School House

School Starts May 20th 

Side Hill School House with its living history program will welcome the first class on May 20th. Part of the 4th grade curriculum in NYS is the study of local history. How better to spend the day pretending that you live in the 1890's and attend a one room school built in 1813. The teachers and children dress in period chothing refective of the era, bring their lunches in pails, write on slates and read from a McGuffey reader.  Recess is so much fun, the children experience walking on stilts, rolling hoops, and tossing bean bags over the school house roof. 

Becky Osborne Culbertson is our school coordinator and has done a great job of inviting schools to send their classes and inviting retired or former teachers to lead this inspirational program. 



Student Experience 

Students enjoying a unique experience 

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